Thursday, March 18, 2010


Welcome to the FireCracker Hunt Blog

In a quest to honor freedom everywhere I am sponsoring a global Independence Day hunt more simply called the "FireCracker Hunt"!

Usually hunts are geared toward "fashion and/or accessories" with few options available to include the many types of creators in SL. Hunts also offer a chance to explore places we may not normally go or think to seek if we take the time to look around instead of doing a snatch and run.

I also thought this would be a great way to shake up some imagination and allow everyone the opportunity to show their creations to the general population. This is NOT to say that fashion vendors are not acceptable in the hunt.....of course they are - clothing is as much a factor in our SL lives and independence celebrations as firecrackers - not to mention the great costumes they make when trying to win the lindens on the theme boards at our favorite clubs!

Every country on the globe has experienced the fight for freedom and to liberate themselves from oppression at some time or another in history - and SL has got the greatest community with a full representation of people from around the globe ....

The hunt theme is global wide "Independence Day" - also you do NOT have to create an object regarding YOUR COUNTRY - you may select from ANY country YOU CHOOSE to represent (i will supply a list here on the blog for you) hopefully this will also create a greater global representation - enjoyment and following.

HUNT DATES > June 15th through July 15th 2010
HUNT OBJECT > FireCracker
THEME > Global Independence Days
GROUP > FireCracker Hunt
WALKTHROUGH > Jun 4th & 5th
VENDOR LIMIT > unknown at this time
CONTACT > Keavy Zane

Join the blog and the group (listed above) as a follower and get the latest on hunt items and their locations... enjoy your world

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